UN High Level Panel to Devise New Plans For Africa Post-2015

Discussions in the United Nations High Level Panel (HLP) on Africa will be coming to a close this Friday amid much optimism from its members. Formed by the Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon in… Continue reading

Pathfinder International Prevents Maternal Death In Poor Countries

In many third-world countries, thousands of mothers die during childbirth due to preventable causes. Pathfinder International, an organization that works to promote sexual and reproductive health in underprivileged countries, has been working since… Continue reading

Aqueduct: Mapping the World’s Water Threats

The World Resources Institute (WRI) recently released an ambitiously detailed map of the global community’s most pressing water issues. The project, entitled Aqueduct, came into being as the result of an alliance among… Continue reading

24 Hours With a Blue Helmet: India

As a part of the series “24 hours with a peacekeeper”, watch a day in the life of Jagat Singh, an Indian police officer (UNPOL) and Blue Helmet at the United Nations Stabilization… Continue reading

GRACE – A Robotic Fish Monitors Our Dirty Water

Water quality monitoring is a key component of environmental safety and health. In order for results to be consistent and valuable to scientists and the local community, tests have to be run on… Continue reading