Peace Corps Builds Playgrounds in Suriname

When we think of foreign aid typically images of medical supplies, crates of food, mosquito nets, or digging wells come to mind. All of which are intensely important, however the Peace Corps is… Continue reading

Catarina Mota: Play with Smart Materials

At the rate at which technology is progressing, the average person can hardly keep up with the latest technological innovations out there. Catarina Mota, a TED Global Fellow, studies some of these new… Continue reading

Government Partnerships Prove Key to Growth in India and Burma

USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah recently held a press conference on the organization’s progress in India and Burma. Thus far, he says, the results have been overwhelmingly positive. USAID has been working intensively with… Continue reading

USAID: Advancing Development Via Social Media

This past week was Social Media Week at USAID. The central discussion panel, including experts from the UN Foundation, HUGE Inc., iStrategy Labs and Internews, was moderated by Chief Innovation Officer and Senior… Continue reading

Keeping Life Saving Drugs Cheap for the Poorest Countries

Developing nations around the world are disproportionately affected by disease, especially noncommunicable illnesses such as HIV/AIDS and cancer. The impact of these diseases is set to increase as the populations of these nations… Continue reading