UN High Level Panel to Devise New Plans For Africa Post-2015


Discussions in the United Nations High Level Panel (HLP) on Africa will be coming to a close this Friday amid much optimism from its members. Formed by the Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon in May of 2012, the panel has worked behind the scenes to draft new development goals in Africa for the post-2015 years. This time around officials are saying that more attention has been paid to working closely with African civil society groups, a process that was somewhat lacking when the Millennium Development goals (set to reach their deadline in 2014) were drafted.

Most recently, the HLP met in Monrovia to continue discussing new goals for the next decade of development. A communique released by the panel revealed that improvements to human and specifically women’s rights are at the top of the agenda. Amina Mohammed, special adviser to the secretary general on post-2015 development planning told the Guardian, “We’re not reinventing the wheel. Panel members are steeped in networks and policy. So when the secretary general says he wants something bold and ambitious, we have those people who do theory and practice.”

The full details of the new set of MDG’s won’t be released until the High Level Panel concludes its last session